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Replace a Fixed Shower Head with a Handheld Model

Many people think that replacing a shower head is so hard. But replacing a dated or decaying fixed shower head is an excellent approach to enhance the looks and convenience of your shower. Follow this manual for offer assistance:


Turn off your water switch completely. On the off chance that it doesn't have a nearby closed off, shut off your home's water main switch. This is typically situated in your storm cellar toward the front of the house or in your carport.

Expel the fixed piece. Utilize a torque to turn it counterclockwise. Expel the head and clean the shower arm strings is a must.

Include your mounting section. If your new head has a support plate, slide that on first. Next, screw on your mounting part and fix by hand. Make sure that the hose association is on the base of the section.

Interface your hose. Screw your hose onto the mounting section. Make sure to interface the right end to the section. Most hoses have a beautifying cone on the end those screws into the wand.

Interface your wand. Screw your wand onto the hose. Fix by hand.

Check for spills. Turn on your water and let the spigot keep running for a few minutes. Search for spills around the associations.

See, it’s a simple task to do it yourself. If there are any other problems like plumbing or pipes, then you should call a professional or plumber for offering assistance. Otherwise just follow these simple steps and enjoy your new handheld shower head. Click here for getting the best reviews of handheld shower heads in the market of 2017..

Video: Changing a Showerhead and Adding a Handshower by Delta Faucet

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